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At Maayan Tech, we allow for organizations to consolidate, streamline and upgrade their Information, Digital & Automation operations through platforming methodology, domain expertise, and innovative technology. Our preemptive outsourcing solutions help businesses to increase efficiency and reduce costs. With Maayan’s digital enablement solutions, companies can reimagine the client experience, creating lasting value. 

We always invest in advanced technologies to fast-track our clients’ business outcomes, backed by the extensive expertise of our global workforce.

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Chances are you’re not looking for business as usual. Neither are we. Find out more about our student and entry level opportunities.


A great workplace thrives on ideas and opportunity. You’ll find both at Maayan Technologies. Follow your ideas, and choose innovative career tracks. Challenge convention.


You’re ready to lead and influence change. You want to make a difference. Discover what we have to offer, and what we can do together.

Our Employees - Our Pillars of Strength

Maayan Tech, we value what our employees bring to the table, we help nurture their skills and transform their potential to deliver more. We believe in equality and diversity, and enable a dynamic learning culture throughout the organization that helps employees grow from stage to stage. We strive to provide them the best global exposure and try to ensure our employees are always empowered to do more. We aren’t happy by just offering them a job, but a career with opportunities along the way for career progression. Culture shapes the way we act. Our flat hierarchy enables everyone to voice opinions and take the lead. Through the years, we’ve worked hard to ensure that we have a fair and meritocratic organization in place that values trust, honesty and passion.

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Campus Recruiting Events

Your job growth is important to us and we’re working hard to find the right opportunity that fits your long-term career goals. Mail us when you’ll arrange for taking a campus interview in your institution. For all the campus placement/recruitment-related queries, please write an e-mail to with all the necessary details such as your Employee ID, tenure, and so on.

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Our workforce has grown because we make taking care of our employees a priority.

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Bring your ideas and pursue innovative career tracks, opportunities, and job rotations.

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Help improve our communities and environment.

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Enhance your professional development through education and training.

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Be well with health plans that help you support your loved ones.

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Our skills training helps you keep pace with the changing workplace.

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Plan for the future with our compensation and benefits packages, including holidays.

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At Maayan Technologies, we learn, participate, and grow together! Explore your career path with us.


We help you from the beginning to the
end of your digital journey.

Digitalization and automation require technical expertise and future-oriented solutions. This applies to design and engineering as well as operation and service. With a deep understanding of our automation and digital services, we support you in shaping your digitalization journey according to your needs. With reliable solutions for the long-term growth of your business.