Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating Meaningful Impact with Social and Sustainability


Globally our ecological system is clashing with human and industrial growth. Crucial steps need to be taken, to save our shared habitat and biosphere. We need to work towards an ecosystem that can fufill the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations. Maayan Tech pledges to adopt an expanded sustainability framework to meet this vision.

Sustainability permeates our value structure. Sustainability is an integral part of the Maayan Tech culture and strategy and has been since its inception. Our dream and vision for a sustainable world extends beyond Maayan Tech Minds and their families to our customers, partners, suppliers and vendors. So sustainability becomes real – and a critical part of every decision we make.


Our approach to corporate sustainability is drawn from our mission: “We engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies grow”.

Maayan Tech’s realistic approach to sustainability is built on the principles, processes, practices and services of the triple bottom line: people, the planet and profit.

An intrinsic desire to promote societal well-being

A shared vision of sustainability as applicable to Maayan Technologies

Engaged staff and a culture of volunteering

Minimise environmental impacts through efficiency

Cross-functional teams to oversee sustainability governance and implementation

Top management commitment and support.

Compliance with regulations and promoting best practices

Compliance with regulations and promoting best practices


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Digitalization and automation require technical expertise and future-oriented solutions. This applies to design and engineering as well as operation and service. With a deep understanding of our automation and digital services, we support you in shaping your digitalization journey according to your needs. With reliable solutions for the long-term growth of your business.