We are innovators, game-changers, world-class engineers –
we are Maayan Technologies

We are also a little proud. Proud of how we have developed yet remained the same. Curious, partnership oriented, entrepreneurial, innovative. Only bigger, more international and broader. For our customers.

Maayan Technologies

Our Journey

We don’t like to look back. Company anniversaries are not our thing. What we do find exciting is the future. Finding out what will come, what will change our world and our lives, what offers companies new opportunities: that’s what moves us. Since our foundation 5 years ago. Today we make an exception to this rule. It’s a beautiful, round number that is anything but self-evident.

Highlights of
Non-stop innovation Journey


  1. Founded in Tamilnadu, India
  2. The Firm was established in April 2017 with team size of 7 people.
  3. We begins as high end technology architecting firm
  4. First Go-Live project in September 2017.


  1. Initiated dedicated team of Open source technologies
  2. Increased team size 29 people and formation of Business solutions (ERP) and Software Development division.
  3. Initiated Dedicated UI/UX and Frontend Design Department at Maayan Tech.
  4. Initiated Dedicated Mobile App Development Section at Maayan Tech.


  1. Formation of Networking Division
  2. The company established a local office in Chennai for dedicated Digital Services support.
  3. Formation of Digitalization team for Smart Education Infrastructure setup.


  1. Initiated Dedicated team for AI & ML Development.
  2. Initiated dedicated team for BI, Bigdata analytics, DevOps and cloud services
  3. Initiated Industry 4.0 process development & implementation Division.
  4. Initiated Dedicated team of Digital Transformation Solutions
  5. Formation of Data Centre Infrastrucure development Division


  1. Our expertise in embedded software development and networking expands to meet their unique, demanding needs and soon IoT becomes one of our core competencies.
  2. Maayan Tech’s competence continues to expand to include expertise in Blockchain and Data Science.
  3. Introducing our innovative technology and process improvements to some of the largest players in India.


  1. Company Structure transformed, Maayan Technologies become a Private Shareholding Company.
  2. Intialted dedicated Metaverse Developemnt Division at Maayan tech.
  3. Maayan Technologies upscales globally to bring in over 200 smart employees, distinguished in skill and expertise, and solidified its position as digital transformation solution providers
  4. At the forefront of bringing digitization and automation to medium-sized businesses.
  5. Going international.
  6. Initiated Dedicated sales operation office at Singapore.
  7. We initiating our global presence by setting up new offices in UAE.

We help you from the beginning to the
end of your digital journey.

Digitalization and automation require technical expertise and future-oriented solutions. This applies to design and engineering as well as operation and service. With a deep understanding of our automation and digital services, we support you in shaping your digitalization journey according to your needs. With reliable solutions for the long-term growth of your business.