Women Empowerment

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Empowering women at the workplace means that women can have more control over their lives. This means giving them the freedom to make their own programs, gain new skills, and gain autonomy. Women empowerment is created when the strengths that women bring to the workplace are accepted and used.

In today’s business world, leaders know the importance of empowering women at work. The power of women in the workplace is now clear. The benefits are well documented and include driving innovation and boosting the corporation’s profits. Increasingly, companies are studying their policies regarding women empowerment to strengthen female leadership and direct the conversation. Whether it’s to set clear goals for diversity or implement initiatives by successful female leaders, the idea of being “indispensable” in the workplace has never been more important.


The future of work is inclusive. Maayan Tech is committed to elevating the experience of work for women through our Women Empowerment (WE) program.


We’re committed to recruiting more women at all levels throughout our organization.


Meet, connect and create new business relationships through community building and by celebrating career achievements.


We want you to succeed. At Maayan Technologies, career growth and leadership development are top priorities.

Women Empowerment at Workplace

Here are a few ways in which you can promote women empowerment at the workplace:

Encourage women to make the leap

It is a great way for companies to help women achieve success; they actively encourage women to take more risks and opportunities. External support is an ideal way of building self-confidence.

Pay equal salary for equal work and experience

There is nothing that companies understand better than the bottom line. However, when it comes to paying for equity capital, women earn an average of 21 cents per dollar lesser than their male counterparts. Encouraging people to think about gender in the workplace and the need for these corrections is a challenge. People will wonder how this affects revenue. But many things are still important, even if they are not tangible.

Promote a fair parental leave policy

A fair and robust parental leave policy will eliminate the stigmatization and complexity of women returning to work after having children. And this will mark the future success of empowered women in the workplace, respecting the shared vision and needs of women.

Create more options for women

This difference between the genders usually occurs when a woman decides to start a family. At this stage, women play a less active career-focused role because of their family obligations. To address this, businesses should create more flexible options for women, including telework, job opportunities and consulting, to motivate women and ensure financial and professional continuity.

Create new roles for women, so companies can develop better

Time has changed, and it is time to change the “usual” job. Women offer a unique and different perspective to the business world. This is something we have to celebrate and integrate. Instead of encouraging women to take on the roles they have played for decades, we need to pay more attention to the development of new roles and criteria for how the recruitment of smart women is created.

Prevent sexual harassment

Leaders should talk about it for a long-term impact. I’m not going to say that leadership will stop the crimes. However, as a leader, what you do in terms of visibility will be of great importance. We must go further and show the way.


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